Money, Magic

and Miracles

Money, Magic

and Miracles

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Money Magic And Miracles

How many times have you tried to manifest something and then the craziest thing happened; it didn’t work out?  Shocker.

If you’re thinking that this is just another one of those fluffy websites (don’t be fooled just because I love pink) where I tell you how to manifest your dream life by thinking positive, creating a vision board and then reciting a bunch of affirmations you don’t really believe in, then you’ve got me all wrong. Because that’s a bunch of bullshit. Seriously.

Yes,  these are things that have their place in creating and manifestation, but you’re trying to create a new vision from that same place of lack and limitation that has kept you where you’re at in the first place!

You want to have the money, career, relationship, the dream house, the experiences, all the good stuff, but you’re afraid if you try to go get it, all the important people in your life will tell you you’re bat shit crazy. Or worse, you might fail. And they’ll be right.

Sadly, some of the most well-meaning people in your life can be, not only the biggest fun sponges around, but not supportive. If they aren’t living their own perfect life and in their own butterflyness, they are definitely not going to support you in yours. These are what I call caterpillar people.  And then you have that fantastic mind of yours that will tell you all the reasons why you can’t, to keep you safe in the old story and identity that you’ve created for yourself.

But your heart knows the truth. Did you know that your heart has more neurotransmitters and sends more messages to the rest of your body then your brain does? And your heart has 60 times the electromagnetic frequency and resonance that your brain does? And your brain is wired for negativity and keeping you stuck?

Did you also know that you can change your genetic blueprint and your DNA? There’s a relatively new study about 10 years old, called epi-genetics which means above genetics. And that you have amino acids called epigenomes that are attached to your DNA strands that carry past ancestral trauma? It’s not just the things that you learned from your mom or the learned behaviours passed down through the generations before you. It’s also the energy and the trauma of the past that you may not even know about. And then you think life is hard and one big struggle after another.

How do you feel when you think about money? What are your beliefs around money? Are you living paycheck  to paycheck, dreading having to look at your bank account? Are you hitting the snooze button every morning and going to a soul sucking job every day, counting down the days till Friday like you’re in some kind of hostage situation? Do you resent people that have more than you, or get pissed off about how much things cost like your phone bill or taxes? Or do you get money and then lose it right away? Never ever able to keep it? I can tell you all about why you keep those patterns and how to change it.

Do you want to actually live the life of your dreams, make  an impact, and have the wealth you deserve? The wealth and abundance that is your birthright? What if living from your heart and experiencing abundance gave permission to the people you love the most to do the same?

It’s about making a big ass cosmic internal shift. It’s about getting the hell  out of your head and into your heart that only wants to expand. It’s about using the tools and the healing that I can provide you with to clear away limiting beliefs, change your old story and manifest your ass off! And we can do this quickly. It’s not about reliving the past and going to therapy for years, but it’s about cleaning it up so that you can create the future you really desire.

You can’t hide from your inner shit. It’s there no matter how much you try to eat, drink, medicate or spend it away. Nope. Still there. You gotta face it, and love it. Because you are not your fear, you are just the place that your fear lives in, and by acknowledgIng it and loving it, you give it permission to leave and create a new space for the real magic and love to come on in and take over like your mother in-law at thanksgiving.

Can I get a hell yes? Well maybe not to the mother-in-law part but you know what I mean.

It’s high time for you to really and truly understand the law of attraction and how you can make it your bitch.

Because there is this place where nothing but infinite possibility resides, and it’s vailable to you right NOW.

The truth is that you have the same power that creates worlds WITHIN you.

It’s time for you to really actually manifest what you want. On purpose. To climb out of that cocoon you’ve been hiding in. It’s time for you to figure out what the best version of you is and be that. It’s time for you to decide what you would  love do every single damn day, and it’s time for you to make a shitload of money doing it. So let’s go.

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My heart story

Please allow me to introduce myself.

So, here’s the thing about me. I’m a pretty open and straightforward kind of girl, and I really don’t take too much bullshit from anybody at this point. But I wasn’t always like that. In fact, I’ve spent most of my life being a big-time people pleaser and it’s gotten me into some serious hot water.

In 2002, I was a young first-time mom, and somehow I found myself in a severely  physically, emotionally and mentally abusive relationship. After almost three years of hell, he ended up in prison for a couple of years. It was a saving grace for me because I used that time to start to heal and take action. I built a very successful business and by the time he got out of prison, I had bought a house and two vehicles and I definitely did not need him for anything anymore.


Our Testimonials

A real-life Fairy Godmother

I can’t tell you how much Simone has supported me over the past few months. I understood her true coaching and healing abilities when I recently went though one of the hardest periods of my life.

After a traumatic incident, my body and mind began to fall apart. Simone was the one person I could rely on to help me through the hard stuff. From talking me out of a full-blow panic attack I had while driving on the highway, to working with me energetically to release physical pains in my body from emotional trauma, to keeping me on track with my business goals – she ALWAYS picks up the phone. She really cares and I’m so grateful to have her in my life.

I jokingly started calling her my Fairy Godmother but I think that’s a pretty fair assessment. She truly believes in miracles and I’ve personally seen her manifest incredible things out of thin air.

She is certainly no BS… but one of the most caring people I know who genuinely loves to help people – and has the the ability to do it. She’s the real deal.

If you have the opportunity to work with her, DO IT. And welcome the new light into your life.

Krysta F
CEO Wild Remedies

Simone showed me how to open up a whole next-level of manifestation and magic. It feels so liberating to have released all the dark, heavy gunk I didn’t even realize was cluttering up my vibe and holding me back. She has such a gift for fusing together sacred principles with the science of the Law Of Attraction.

Now, I’m totally using the tools and technology to create my life from a place of clarity and ease. Simone is super sassy, so fun to work with and is the real deal!

Sylvia Ferrero

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My three part Video workshop

learn how to actually make the law of attraction work for you, create real Money magic and miracles.

Module 1

learn how to actually make the law of attraction work for you, create real Money magic and miracles.

Module 2

learn how to actually make the law of attraction work for you, create real Money magic and miracles.

Module 3

learn how to actually make the law of attraction work for you, create real Money magic and miracles.

Work with me

Alrighty then. It’s time to get down to the business of you tapping into the money, the joy, the love, the health, the relationships and  the freedom that is waiting and available to you. But first of all, I just want you to let go of the judgement that you have for where you’re at right now. I’m here to tell you that you are perfect infinite potential right now. I am going to help you transform your beliefs, connect to your inner knowing, release your blocks and raise your frequency. I have some seriously kick ass tools that will help take you to a place you never thought possible, where you will clear stuck energy, heal emotional and physical pain, come to peace and move into a bigger more awesome expanded version of you.

Imagine what it would feel like if you woke up every day excited for the day and what’s to come? What it would feel like if you had more than enough money to live in the home you want, and  have a thriving business you love that makes an impact? You can travel wherever you want and stay in the best hotels. You can spend quality time whenever you want with your children, and create unforgettable experiences. You can give and donate as much as you want and help the people and charities that mean the most to you. Imagine. Feel it?

You can let go of your addiction to struggle and feelings of not being enough. Because you are so enough. You are a one time only cosmic event in the universe. I’ll help you connect to source directly to clear the imprints and limitations rom your life and ancestral lineage to promote physical, financial and spiritual well-being.

Let’s go.

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